Walk To School Day

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The City of Los Angeles Walk To School Day 2014 was a great success! Over 18,000 students from 67 Los Angeles schools participated in Walk-tober this year. Thank you again to all of our schools, organizers, volunteers, and partners.


International Walk to School Day brings together thousands of schools to host students, school administration, community members, and elected officials to celebrate a walk to school. Save the date for WTSD 2015 next year, to be held on October 7, 2015!


If you would like to participate in the City of Los Angeles WTSD 2015, please contact us at: info@walktoschoolday-la.org or 323-942-9873.

Like the event at www.facebook.com/WalkToSchoolDayLA. Already registered but haven’t received further instructions? Call 323-942-9873, and we will help make your Walk to School Day event a success!


Why Walk to School Day? Have fun, increase physical activity, improve health, and highlight walking, bicycling and traffic concerns! “The City of Los Angeles Walk to School Day is a phenomenal first step for the City to make students visible and promote Safe Routes to School everywhere!” Ivanhoe Event Volunteer Organizer



Be a Walk to School Day volunteer organizer. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), in partnership with the Unified School District (LAUSD), support Walk to School Day and provide training, planning support, promotional materials and incentives for your event.


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Walk to School Day Overview


What is Walk to School Day?

Walk to School Day is a yearly national event that happens at thousands of schools. Students, parents, school personnel and other community members experience the walk to school as they walk together on the day of the event. The event seeks to generate wider teachings about the importance of physical activity, awareness of the fun of walking, and early identification of safety concerns.

Why Should My School Participate in Walk to School Day?

Walk to School Day is a great way to celebrate walking to school and highlight activities at your campus that can increase physical activity, improve health, and address personal and traffic safety concerns.



How will LADOT help?

LADOT will assist with registration, provide organizer training and promotional materials, and be available to provide support for the event.

How far can students be expected to walk?

As a rule of thumb, walking routes should be no longer than one mile. Walking School Bus meeting spots should be between 1/4 – 1/2 mile from the school.


What if it is not safe to walk in my neighborhood?

You could organize an on-campus Walk at School event, or work with trusted neighborhood partners.


Why should I volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to help encourage children to walk to school leading to healthy habits and improved safety around school campuses. Volunteers are needed to ensure that the event is safe and successful.




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Organizer Resources


Thank you for considering being a host for Walk to School Day 2015! Volunteer organizers can be a parent, program provider, community member affiliated with their local school. Organizers are the main contact for the event and arrange for 5 – 10 volunteers to help plan and host simple activities on Walk to School Day.  The volunteer team ensures that the event is safe and successful.


LADOT will provide organizers with registration, training and promotional materials, along with other requested support for the event.



Essential Organizer Materials

This section provides materials for a step-by-step guide to activities and handouts to help you host a Walk to School Day that is right for you and your school. Download materials for each step below or download all files at once in English or Spanish. You can also download the Organizer Manual for overview instructions.

Already registered but haven’t heard from us? Check the map, and call 323-942-9873. We will help make your Walk to School Day event a success!


Manual Overview Materials in English Materiales en Espanol


Materials for you:  This Organizer Event Checklist (4 weeks out) is your constant companion for the weeks leading up to Walk to School Day. Check off each step as you complete it leading up to the event.  The underlined items are materials that can be downloaded from this website.

Educate yourself and others on this exciting event and use the Organizer Event Checklist to organize each step leading up to the event:

Walk to School Day comes in many shapes and sizes.  The Sample Activities Worksheet can be used to envision your school’s Walk to School Day.

Schedule a brief meeting with the principal to get approval to host Walk to School Day in October.   The following materials will support a succinct and productive discussion to secure permission for the event, confirm the day/time of event, review possible event activities and sample content to publicize the event and/or support a brief motivational speech by the principle, if interested, on the day of the event:

Register Now to make your school eligible for Walk to School Day. LADOT will provide access essential organizer materials, free posters and banners, outreach materials, incentives, safety tips and support as you need it.  Upon registering, LADOT will reach out to you with information about organizer training and additional resources.

Once the event has been approved, begin outreach to parents and program providers (also potential recruits) using flyers and e-blasts to raise awareness about Walk to School Day.  Copy and paste sample text below into emails or newsletters. Contact LADOT, if you need printed copies.

Use the  Sample Activities Worksheet to determine how many volunteers you need and what their roles will be.  Possible roles include being greeters, photo takers, chaperones from Walking School Bus meeting spots, and participant counters. Use the Volunteer Contact Form to collect names, contact information and desired roles so we can help you qualify them to participate.

Using your Sample Activities Worksheet  to guide and confirm activities supported by your planning team.  Email the Volunteer Contact Information Form to LADOT at  saferoutes@lacity.org.

Use this Incentive Order Form text to copy and paste your requests into an email. Incentives and apparel for qualified volunteers will be available in mid-September.

Use the Event Walking School Bus Guide to select suitable Walking School Bus meeting spots. LADOT will help you! On the day of your event, your qualified volunteers will meet guests and families at the selected meeting spots and guide the walk into school. Safety information for volunteers will be provided

Use the following materials to energize school and community participation – hang posters, send emails and make phone calls.  Send out the same reminders each week and two days and one day before the event.


It’s the big day! Reference your Volunteer Contact Form to review volunteers’ planned roles.  Ask your volunteers to come an hour before the school day starts to assist.


  • Set up the greeting table with materials you plan to give away that day, and any other information you plan to share.
  • Organizer, chaperones, and volunteers sign the LAUSD Liability waiver form as they check in before the event.
  • Provide volunteers the identifying apparel (LADOT will provide)
  • Assign volunteers to their posts
  • Assign volunteers to take photos, counts students as they walk through school entrances, collect quotes from kids and parents about their experience.
  • Send Walking School Bus leaders to meeting locations 30 minutes before the event with Walking Safety Tips and Walking School Bus Routes to greet families and walk together in time to get back to school.

Great job! Take a bit of time to express your appreciation and provide LADOT valuable input for future Walk to School events.

  • Write thank you notes to volunteers
  • Upload your event photos to Instagram using #WalkToSchoolDayLA.
  • Complete the post-event survey (LADOT will email you)

* Portions of this content were provided by the California Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center, California Active Communities and the National Center for Safe Routes to School.



Optional Materials

Use this condensed Organizer Event Checklist if you still want to participate, but there is only a week until Walk to School Day! Check off each step as you complete it leading up to the event.

Download this informational guide for ideas: Making Banners, Posters, and Signs with Students.

Download these logos and insert in any original materials or flyers that you create, so everyone knows that your event is part of the citywide Walk to School Day.


Distribute this Kids Activity Sheet so kids can describe how the walk to school was for them.


Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers and parents can use the Walkability Checklist to describe their walk to school.  

Hand out stickers to record how students commute to school on a Tally Poster. Click here for tips on creating a fun Tally Poster. Cut out these Tally Poster Graphics to represent the various travel modes, or use your own.

Use this Walking School Bus First Steps Guide to talk about ongoing walking school buses at your school.

Safe Routes to School

to make everyday Walk to School Day


For more information on the City of Los Angeles Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan

Please visit the website for more information.




Contact Us

For more information on the City of LA’s Walk to School Day, please send us your contact info through the form below, and we will be in touch.

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It’s easy! Walk to School Day is an energizing event that reminds students and adults alike of the simple joys of walking and bicycling. For many local schools and communities, Walk to School events can lead to Walk to School days or other walking activities all year long. It also builds important support for creating and improving safer walking routes.



Check the map below to see schools participating for 2015! Click on the list symbol in the map’s upper left corner to see a list of registered schools. If you don’t see your school, call 323-942-9873, and we will help make your Walk to School Day event a success!


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), in partnership with the Unified School District (LAUSD), support Walk to School Day and provide training, planning and logistics support, promotional materials, and incentives for your event.


Call 323-942-9873 if you have any questions. Due to technical difficulties, some registered schools may have been missed. If you don’t see your school on the map, please call 323-942-9873 and we will make sure you receive next step instructions. Thank you for walking with us!