Walk To School Day

City of Los Angeles - October 9th, 2013

‘Walktober’ was a great month for the City of LA and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)! Over 50 LAUSD schools hosted Walk to School Day events as part of “International Walk to School Day.”


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) would like to acknowledge our community based organizations, staff throughout the City family, parent volunteers, teachers, school administrators, and LAUSD for their partnerships and support of walking to school.

These events highlight local efforts to raise awareness of the need for safer routes for walking and biking to school and emphasize the benefits of increased physical activity, safety for students walking and biking and improvements to traffic congestion and the environment.

Jennie Chamberlain, Ivanhoe Elementary School event organizer said, “This is a phenomenal first step for our City to make students visible and promote Safe Routes to School everywhere.”

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Walk to School Month kicked off with “Walk to School Day” on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013. The City of Los Angeles is joining the global community for  “International Walk to School Month.”  The goal is to celebrate the benefits of walking and to educate kids about pedestrian safety.




About the Event


What is Walk to School Day?

Walk to School Day is a yearly national event that happens at thousands of schools to encourage physical activity among children and youth. It is a way for parents, students, school personnel and other community members to directly experience the walk to school as they walk with students on the day of the event. It often generates wider teaching about the importance of physical activity, awareness of the fun of walking, and early identification of safety concerns.

Why Should My School Participate in Walk to School Day?

Walk to School Day is a great way to celebrate walking to school and highlight activities at your campus that can increase physical activity, improve health, and address personal and traffic safety concerns.



What if there are personal safety concerns about walking to my school?

If you or someone at your school is interested in having a Walk to School Day event, but concerned about kids’ personal and traffic safety, we can work with trusted community organizations to figure out how to make the event best for your school, including ‘walk at school’ day or other community based solutions.

What is the Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan?

The City of Los Angeles Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan is a blueprint in the works for increasing the number of children who safely walk, bike, roll or take transit to school. The SRTS Strategic Plan will develop processes and tools to address:

  • physical engineering and street design;
  • education and encouragement programs;
  • safe passages and public safety;
  • enforcement strategies; and
  • evaluation methodologies to track measurable progress over time.

The Plan will initially focus on a subset of 50 prioritized schools of most need for SRTS funding and programs.

How does Walk to School Day fit into the overall SRTS Strategic Plan?

2013 Walk to School Day events will:

  • engage students and parents at several of the 50 schools with the most need identified through the Strategic Plan process, as well as other interested schools, in directly experiencing the fun of walking to school;
  • build capacity for future education and encouragement events; and
  • offer a chance to develop valuable relationships with school administration, parents, and community organizers to bolster the long-term success of the City’s SRTS efforts.




Our Event Partners







click on the items below for organizer resources, training materials and outreach media


Organizers should be a local parent, program provider, or other person at the school who can be the main point of contact and arrange for 5-10 volunteers to help plan or host simple activities on Walk to School Day.

LADOT will provide organizers with registration, training and promotional materials, along with other requested support for the event.

Registration and Training

Who’s Walking

Check out this Who’s Walking in California list to see other registered Walk to School Day events.

Organizers Register

Register your event and get counted! You’ll officially join thousands of programs across the country for Walk to School Day.

Online Training

Watch this brief video that reviews the below materials and walks you through the steps to ensure you have a successful event at your school

Essential Organizer Materials

Thank you for considering being your school’s Walk to School Day Organizer.  See below for step-by-step suggestions and resources for hosting a Walk to School Day that is right for you and your school.  You can download the essential materials for each step as needed, or you can click on the “ALL ORGANIZER MATERIALS” button below to download all the materials at one time. The content for this material was provided by the California Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource CenterCalifornia Active Communities, and the National Center for Safe Routes to School.






Materials for you:  This Organizer Event Checklist (4 weeks out) is your constant companion for the weeks leading up to Walk to School Day. Check off each step as you complete it leading up to the event.  The underlined items are materials that can be downloaded from this website.
Tailor the event to your school and community.

Materials for you: Walk to School Day comes in many shapes and sizes, the Walk to School Day Overview helps keep everything in perspective.  The Sample Activities worksheet can be used to envision your school’s Walk to School Day.  Also review the Frequently Asked Questions handout to become more familiar with answers to questions that might come up for you or from others.

Schedule a brief meeting with the principal to explain the benefits of walking to school and to get approval to host Walk to School Day in October.

Materials for you: They don’t have much time, so bring the Sample Activities worksheet from Step 1 and the Principal Meeting Worksheet to get permission to have an event, to decide what day it will take place, and agree on how the event can be publicized

Materials to share: Use this Community Newsletter Text for the school newsletter, and for the principal on Walk to School Day if s/he is able to give a brief motivational speech on the day of the event using talking points provided by our team.

Register Now to make your school eligible for Walk to School Day.

Materials for you: Leading up to Walk to School Day, we will be providing access to essential organizer information, free posters and other outreach material, kids’ incentives, and organizer training, safety tips and other support as you need it.  When you register, we will reach out to you with information about Event Organizer Trainings, and new information as it becomes available.

Once you have approval to host an event, you can begin distributing flyers and e-blasts to parents and program providers to raise awareness about Walk to School Day and to recruit volunteers.

Materials for you: Use this Volunteer Contact Form to collect names, contact information, and desired roles so we can help you qualify them to participate.

Materials to share: Attach the Parent Outreach Flyer to an email, or if you need printed copies, please contact us.  If you prefer to use e-blasts, copy and paste the information in the Parent Outreach Text and Community Newsletter Text into emails or newsletters to your school parents. Your Sample Activities Worksheet will be your guide for determining how many volunteers you need and what their roles will be.  Some possible roles are greeters, photo takers, chaperones from meeting spots, and counters.

Using your sample activities worksheet as a guide, confirm the activities that will take place with your planning team.  Submit the Volunteer Contact Information Form in an email to us at WTSDLA@altaplanning.com.

Materials for you: We will be sending you information about incentives and identifying apparel for qualified volunteers as it becomes available in mid-September.  Use this Incentive Order Form text to copy and paste your requests into an email.  Use the Event Walking School Bus Guide to pick suitable meeting spots for Walking School Buses on the event day.  We will help you with this.  On the day of the event, your qualified volunteers will be sent out to meet guests and families to walk in together from these points, with safety information provided.

With two weeks left, use the following materials for posting at school, sending out emails, and making phone calls.  Send out the same reminders two weeks out, one week out, two days before and the day before your event.

Materials to share:  Customize and print this 11×17 poster and hang it in classrooms and prominent locations at your school, or contact us if you need printed copies brought to you, along with a banner and other supplies that we will be providing you for promotion. Download, customize, and send the Parent Event Reminder Flyer as an attachment to an email or print it out, or copy and paste the Event Reminder Email Text to an outgoing email reminding parents to participate in Walk to School Day.  Send the Walking Safety Tips home with students. Use the Event Reminder Phone Script if you or the Principal will be sending out phone reminders. Consider sharing the Neighborhood Flyer with local businesses to raise awareness about the event.  

About an hour before the school day starts, you will need to set up the greeting table with materials you plan to give away that day, and any other information you plan to share.  

Have the organizer, chaperones, and volunteers sign this liability waiver form at the greeting table, when they check in before the event starts.

Ask your volunteers to come at the same time to help set up, and so you can give them their identifying apparel (which we will provide) and assign them their posts for the morning.

Someone should take photos, others should be sent to school entrances to count kids walking in, others should collect quotes from kids and parents about how the experience was for them.

Refer to your completed Volunteer Contact Form from Step 4 for their planned jobs that day.

Walking school bus leaders will be sent out to meeting locations 30 minutes before with Walking Safety Tips and Walking School Bus Routes to be ready to greet families and walk together in time to get back to school.

Write thank you notes to volunteers, and collect kids activities and walkability checklists, if used. Upload your event photos to Instagram using #WalkToSchoolDayLA. Look out for the post-event survey that will come to you by email.  Use this survey to record information about the event that will be used to improve future Walk to School Day efforts.  

Optional Materials

Use this condensed Organizer Event Checklist if you still want to participate, but there is only a week until Walk to School Day! Check off each step as you complete it leading up to the event.

Download this informational guide for ideas: Making Banners, Posters, and Signs with Students.

Download these logos and insert in any original materials or flyers that you create, so everyone knows that your event is part of the citywide Walk to School Day.


Distribute this Kids Activity Sheet so kids can describe how the walk to school was for them.


Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers and parents can use the Walkability Checklist to describe their walk to school.  

Hand out stickers to record how students commute to school on a Tally Poster. Click here for tips on creating a fun Tally Poster. Cut out these Tally Poster Graphics to represent the various travel modes, or use your own.

Use this Walking School Bus First Steps Guide to talk about ongoing walking school buses at your school.





to make everyday Walk to School Day


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Resources for parents and students.  Please visit the website for maps and more information.

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